Year 2

M2 classes are full time and very intensive, with revision periods to prepare the modules’ validation exams. Each module is taking up the equivalent of one week of face-to-face teaching.

M2 is made of four components:Classroom

  1. Three to five mandatory “advanced modules”,
  2. One cross-disciplinary module,
  3. Six to eight modules,
  4. An individual practicum.

2024-2025 Academic Year

Overall Planning M2 2024-2025_MPH

Overall Planning M2 2023-2024_MPH

Download Schedule Intro Day in Paris M2 (304 kb- updated 23/08/2023)

Download the List of Modules per track 2023-2024 (436 kb – updated 20/06/2023)

Examination rules

Download Examination rules and examination process (636 kb – updated 12/09/2023)

Practicum rules

Download Practicum guidebook – HPM track (1503 kb – updated 13/12/2023)

Download Practicum guidebook – EPIBiostats track (1098 kb – updated 13/12/2023)

Download Practicum guidebook – EOHS track (1030 kb – updated 13/12/2023)

Download Practicum guidebook – PHP track (1044 kb – updated 13/12/2023)

Advanced Modules

Mandatory modules, representing the advanced core curriculum in the key domains of public health. The advanced core curriculum courses are organized as follows: a domain = a day of the whole week ...
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Cross-disciplinary module

Two cross-disciplinary modules: one Module on Global Health and one on Integrated Module of Public Health, also mandatory. ...
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"Minors" i.e. orientation modules chosen among the six proposed fields (the five core curriculum disciplines + Humanitarian health). "Majors" i.e. specialization modules across the same 6 fields. The minor & major modules take place from Monday to Friday. ...
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An individual practicum which takes place in a department, an agency, a company, a NGO, a public health organization or an associated research laboratory...
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