Application for the 2018/2019 intake

1st round: from 5th December 2017 until the 5th January 2018 – CLOSED

Applying before this deadline is highly recommended particularly for Non-European candidates who need a visa to study in Europe and students looking for funding sources if selected.

2nd round: will open on 2nd February 2018 until 2nd March 2018 to complete the student intake – CLOSED


MPH master course (M1 and/or M2)

Students and professionals can apply to the Master of Public Health if they have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in the following disciplines:

  • economics,
  • political sciences,
  • management,
  • social sciences,
  • law,
  • medicine,
  • pharmacy,
  • biology,
  • veterinary or dentistry schools,
  • engineering schools
  • and a wide variety of scientific subjects.

Since these courses are taught in English, the candidates have to provide proof of their English language proficiency.
Students may also start directly in 2nd year if they have already completed a 1st year master course (M1) or equivalent.
Important remark : to be admitted after in the M2 year, the EHESP M1 students should perform well at the different exams, with at least a 12/20 overall average. Mere success (say 10.5/20) is not sufficient.

MPH courses attended under the continuous training programme

If you are a professional and want to attend courses of Master of Public Health, please consult the list of MPH modules available on the EHESP Continuous Training Department website (please note that the homepage is in French but courses description is in English).

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Selection process

The Master of Public Health Selection Committee is composed of representatives of the faculty involved in the specializations of the programme.
All applications are carefully studied according to the MPH eligibility criteria (e.g. language level, previous degree..). Eligible applications are then marked and ranked in order of merit by the Selection Committee according to the MPH evaluation criteria. All candidates who obtain the minimum threshold score set by the Selection Committee are selected to join the course. Applications are assessed by the Selection Committee after each one of the above-mentioned deadlines.

The MPH selection committee uses the following criteria to assess eligible applications:

  • Education and professional experience: Marks, classification, grades and distinctions obtained, work experience
  • Reasons for choosing the Master of Public Health with respect to previous training and career prospects
  • Cultural adaptability: Language skills, International projects or prospects, personal skills
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Required documents

Application Form

Download it from the MPH website, fill it in, name it appropriately i.e.: “mph_application_form_name_surname”, then upload it.

Please note that you will be able to fill out online this document only once the application process is open.

MPH application form 2018-2019

Letter of motivation

Reasons for applying and career plans.

  • Your letter should not exceed 600 words
  • Write about your motivations for the course: why would you like to study public health, how are your career plans connected with this programme
  • Do not repeat information already provided in your CV, however you may develop it E.g. if you mention some facts in your CV (voluntary work, internships, other activities etc.), in your motivation letter you may emphasize aspects of this experience that in your opinion are important to justify your predispositions for a public health programme.
  • This essay should not be a literary work. It should provide a concrete justification of why you are a good candidate for the MPH
  • It is recommended to mention the specific interest in the area of public health you would like to work on during your studies or/and after.

Curriculum Vitae

We suggest using Europass CV, see template in English here:

A scanned copy of your last diploma in English

Official transcripts and mark sheets in English

Evidence of English proficiency

English-language test result (IELTS) if your native language is not English. Other test results will not be considered.
The required IELTS score is as score > 6.5
Applicants do not have to provide any English language test in two cases only:

  • If you are citizens of a majority native English speaking country: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America.
    You should upload a copy of your passport instead of the IELTS test results.
  • If you hold a previous degree delivered by a higher education institution located in a majority native English speaking country as listed above. You should upload a proof of the degree obtained.

Any applicant who does not meet any of the two above mentioned conditions must provide valid English proficiency proof (applications without language proficiency proof will not be considered).

Watch out calendar for IELTS test !

Be aware that sometimes it is difficult to set a date to take the test : kindly anticipate it.
Indeed, all students must provide the registration office with their test score when submitting their MPH application.

Letters of recommendation

More information on the FAQ page.
Or if not available, provide a letter explaining the reasons.

Copy of identity document

Either passport or national Identity card.

Other documents you want to communicate

For instance, for the MPH course application you may attach as optional document:
-A third reference letter
-Another university degree

You can upload 3 extra documents.

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MPH application form

Before applying, please read carefully the general application procedure here under (valid for every session).
Apply here

Step by step application procedure

To create an account in the application system, you need to fill out all mandatory fields and also provide a scanned version of the documents listed in the application form.

  • Create an account: Only ONE account/applicant can be accepted.

Note that an ID number will be assigned to your application; keep it safely as it will be used during the application process.

  • Fill in the following fields:

Title, First name, Family name, Date of birth, Citizenship, Phone number (international format), E-mail, Address, Postcode and/or City, Country of residence, Password (these fields are mandatory).
Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
Please note that your citizenship will impact your status. You have the possibility to correct or validate data entered.

  • Upload all required documents

    • MPH application form
    • Copy of identity document,
    • Reasons for applying and career plans (written in French or in English),
    • Curriculum Vitae,
    • A scanned copy of the diplomas (minimum Bachelor for Master year 1 applicants) and the official translation in English or French,
    • Official transcripts and mark sheets in English or French (or official translation in English from the candidate’s native language if not English or French) from all colleges and universities or any other institution of higher education attended,
    • Evidence of language proficiency,
    • At least two letters of recommendation (written in French or in English),

You need to upload the above mandatory documents (you should scan original documents/translation in English).

You may either upload all your documents in the same time, or do it piece by piece over several days, and at latest by 5th January 2018 for the 1st round and 2nd March 2018 for the 2nd round.

Please note that maximum file size is 2MB. Supported files are pdf,rtf,doc,docx,gif,jpeg,jpg,png,zip

  • Submit your application (check and send your data)

Once you have attached all mandatory documents (and optional if needed) you need to click the “Submit” button to finish your application process. Only then your application will be considered by the Admissions Committee.

You may only submit your application when all of the necessary documents have been uploaded.

Important points to be aware of

Application forms need to be filled in English, attached documents may be in English or French (or have official English/French translations)

Fill out the complete application form and do not forget to attach all mandatory documents.

After registration you will receive a registration confirmation e-mail (on the e-mail address that you entered) containing the information you have entered. We strongly advise you to keep this e-mail.

If you have any question about the application form, please consult first the FAQ section.

If you face problems with filling in the form, uploading documents or submitting your application, you should contact the MPH Team at

Please, in order to facilitate our communication, do not forget to allow access to your e-mail address from e-mails sent by

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Campus France Application Procedure

If you live in one of the following countries you must, in addition to your application on the MPH website, use the online CEF procedure:
Algérie, Argentine, Bénin, Brésil, Burkina Faso, Cameroun, Chili, Chine, Colombie, Comores,
Congo, Corée du Sud, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypte, Etats-Unis, Gabon, Guinée, Inde, Indonésie, Iran, Japon, Liban, Madagascar, Mali, Maroc, Maurice, Mauritanie, Mexique, Pérou, Russie,
Sénégal, Singapour, Taïwan, Togo, Tunisie, Turquie, Vietnam.

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Results of the selection

Selection results should be available within one month as from the corresponding application deadline.
You will be individually informed of your selection by email after the Selection Committees.

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