Year 1

Classes are provided four days a week (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays) from September to half-May. A two to three month internship is recommended, from May to late July. Students are required to work between classes through online distance learning and written assignments.

Core curriculum

The core curriculum consists of yearly modules covering five core disciplines in public health: (1) social and behavioral sciences, (2) management and heath policy, (3) epidemiology, (4) information sciences and biostatistics and (5) environmental and occupational health. During the modules students participate in lectures, seminars and relevant conferences given by EHESP professors, visiting scholars as well as international guest lecturers from a diversity of fields in public health. Students are also expected to produce work between sessions, such as practical exercises, literature reviews, critical essays and bibliographical syntheses from which to base oral presentations and weekly group discussions.

Students conduct case studies in small groups, each of them concentrating on one of five main themes. Lecturers present the context and project goals to be achieved by each group. For a successful completion of the case studies, students are expected to engage in bibliographical research and develop a number of competencies in project design, epidemiological investigation, data collection, statistical analysis and preparation of scientific manuscripts. Among others, students’ ultimate output includes short papers and a series of oral presentations.

Cross-disciplinary modules

There are two cross-disciplinary modules : an Introduction to Public Health and methods and two modules on Global health and maternal & child health, respectively. Each of these calls upon at least three of the five public health core modules.

Examination rules

Download Examination rules and examination process 2021-2022 (633 kb)


An internship is recommended during the MPH year one so as to familiarize students with public health practice in France and abroad. Each year numerous internship positions are offered to students thanks to the network of national & international organizations with whom EHESP collaborates. These include: the WHO, NGOs, Ministries of Health, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare consulting companies.

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