2020 Alumni workshop

On Tuesday, December 8th we ran our annual Alumni workshop dedicated to our M1 MPH students entirely online.

This event is designed to offer an opportunity for our current M1 students to meet the MPH alumni working in different public health fields to give them an idea of what professional opportunities are available to students with an MPH degree.

All three optional workshops organised around alumni occupying a variety of job types (ranging from NGOs to pharma) attracted almost 100% attendance from our M1 students.

These workshops were organized in 2 parts: 5/10 minutes per alumni to introduce themselves and a Q&A moment afterwards.

We were glad to welcome a wide range of alumni, some having just obtained their degree and others who graduated many years ago. All were able to share their professional journeys since graduation. The most recent graduates were invited to share their job search strategies and provide advice on M2 module choices.

A great thanks to all the participants !

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