Portrait of Luka, MPH student 2019-2020

Luka is graduated from the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of health studies and is enrolled in the second year if the Master of Public Health program (2019-2020). As beneficiary of a French government scholarship, he gave an interview to the Sarajevo Campus France representative about his experience at EHESP:

Why did you choose France?

[…] “I have learned a lot online about the different options in other countries and the quality of the training courses. […] I was impressed by the École des Hautes Études en Santé Publique : by its history, its curriculum and its overall vision of schooling. […]

The school cooperates with the best universities and research organizations in France, as well as with American universities and the rest of the European Union.” […]

What about your studies

“The training lasts 10 months during which students must complete an internship, which is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience. […] I study Public health which is a multidisciplinary field and opens the door to different professional paths. […]

The basic concept of public health is […] concerned with health issues at the societal level, not at the individual level. […] This is the reasons why I chose France as a country to pursue my studies.”

You can find the totality of this interview on the French Embassy in Sarajevo website (in French).