Great success of the Paris WHO simulation 2016 edition

pariswho2016The “ParisWHO” simulation 2016 edition was held on 23rd-25th of September on the EHESP Paris campus, Avenue George Sand at the Plaine St Denis.

The Paris World Health Organization Simulation (ParisWHO) is a 3-day student-led conference. ParisWHO aims to introduce the structure and functions of a WHO World Health Assembly meeting through a simulation model.

This event gathered 140 students from 14 countries and 36 universities.  They participated in the lively discussions during the 2.5 days conference on “Health & Migration”. Delegates were assigned the role of a WHO Member State. There were also a number of special positions students can hold, representing NGOs, stakeholders of the private sector and media outlets.

This event is primarily the result of the dynamism and dedication of the EHESP MPH students who organize this simulation, write themes, invite public health leaders, train supervisors of the sessions, and ensure logistical support.  Guest speakers included Dr S. Santino, WHO Venice, Dr Maria Melchior, MSF Paris and a great refugee witness.

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